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Salt Therapy (Halotherapy)


Salt therapy, also referred to as Halotherapy is a clean, natural approach to improving your overall wellness, as well as treating your respiratory system, cleansing your skin, improving immunity, and more!

Your SPAcial Place - Halo Salt

Opened in 2023, Your SPAcial Place - Halo Salt is a passion project for the tenacious Owner, Penny Donmoyer. 

Having been an avid salt spa goer for nearly a decade, Penny developed a love for learning about and sharing the benefits of the arts of alternative treatments. She earned her credentials in Reflexology and Raindrop Therapy and adopted a lifestyle that follows the beliefs of the Chakra and finding one's inner balance. Today, she operates Your SPAcial Place - Halo Salt with the intent of sharing and providing the community with treatments aimed to improve their health and provide an environment where one can find peace and balance within themself.


During treatment, a halogenerator mills, grinds, and then disperses microscopic particles of pharmaceutical-grade salt into the air of the salt rooms. Breathing in this salt is beneficial to the respiratory and immune systems, and it treats the skin on contact. For treatment, we recommend you wear yoga clothes or workout clothing. This is to ensure comfortability, as well to expose more of your skin to the Halotherapy treatment!


Halotherapy has numerous health benefits for both the mind and body. Respiratory effects include improving overall lung function, clearing toxins and mucus from your lungs and airways, treating inflammation from infections like bronchitis, and opening airways to improve breathing to get a better night's sleep! Overall immunity can be improved through halotherapy as well!

Salt’s anti-inflammatory properties improve your overall health by opening airways and improving oxygen flow throughout the body. Studies even show that those who use salt therapy can show improved cardiovascular performance and decreased heart rate. Salt therapy also works to relieve joint and muscle pain by pulling out the fluids residing in tissue that cause pain. Because of these properties, salt therapy is a great option for improving general health, as well as assisting in the physical recovery process.

Your skin is also being treated at the same time as your lungs! Salt therapy has benefits for your skin including cleansing and exfoliating deep into the skin, reducing redness and inflammation from acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis, and improving overall skin health!

Here at Your SPAcial Place - Halo Salt, we promote balanced physical, mental, and spiritual health with the ultimate goal of a Zen lifestyle. Along with all of these physical benefits, there are mental benefits to a Halotherapy session. The experience in our Salt Rooms or Salt Bed Chamber will have you feeling relaxed, alleviated of stress and anxiety, along with a clear head to begin your health journey toward Zen.

Halotherapy for Pets!

Halotherapy is a natural treatment in which your pet breathing in pharmaceutical grade salt that has been milled and dispersed into the enclosure. The salt absorbs into the fur, skin, ears, and airways of your pet. This removes allergens, toxins, and foreign substances from their body, promoting healthier skin and fur, better breathing, and improved overall wellness!

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