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AcuSalt with Linda D'Agostino


AcuSalt is a combined relaxation session of a Himalayan salt infusion while receiving gentle acupuncture. An AcuSalt session helps one manage stress better but it also helps alleviate one from annoying respiratory/sinus/ allergy symptoms. Linda D'Agostino, L.Ac, (licensed acupuncturist) is the practitioner for this modality.

Linda D'Agostino has been a devoted healthcare professional for nearly five decades. As a registered nurse, she worked in virtually every nursing capacity, from home care nurse to nursing supervisor to case management. A licensed acupuncturist in the state of PA , Linda treated patients for 20 years in her private practice and was a qigong teacher for 15 years. She has been awarded a B.S. degree in Professional Arts by St. Joseph's College, Standish Maine and a Master of Oriental Medicine degree by International Institute of Chinese Medicine, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Linda continues her dedication in healthcare by now providing acupuncture in a salt room setting which is combining a halotherapy session while receiving acupuncture. She also offers self-care techniques to others by the use of ancient Chinese medicine modalities through nutrition, lifestyle and qigong.

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